• Moving Up in Our Living Accommodations Took Time and Patience

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    February 7, 2017 /  Real Estate

    Moving to Florida has been our goal for years. We have endured high tuition trying to get degrees as middle-aged adults, annoying professors at school and equally annoying bosses at work, and long cold winters to be able to move. When a job opportunity opened up for the two of us, we moved south and lived in a rented trailer for a couple of years. Now that there has been a little climbing up the ladder, we were looking for luxury apartments for ST Petersburg FL. It was finally our time to step up another rung on the ladder of our planned success.

    The place we picked has two rooftop lounges, and they even have charging stations for electric cars. This was right up our alley. It is a pet-friendly place with a dog wash station, and they have a Wi-Fi cafe that is also really nice. The stainless steel appliances in our apartment are also a nice touch, and we finally have a place with a swimming pool. We put our time in going through the motions to get some of the things we wanted out of life. Going to school later on has helped us to not be so jaded or selfish. We did want a nice place to live, but we also give back to the community to help people who are climbing out and up just like we did.

    Just a few years ago there would have been no way we could have afforded a nice place anywhere, let alone luxury apartments for St Petersburg FL. It is not like we have arrived at a destination either. We are still moving forward trying to do better and enjoy what we have. No matter where you are at, you should enjoy and appreciate what you have right now.

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