• My Humble Beginnings As a Sales Person

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    I never liked selling things. I thought I would be lousy at it, and I had negative thoughts about all sales people. Who hasn’t had a bad experience with a shady sales person who promises and never delivers? Then a sales professional I know was listening to me talk passionately about a product I had confidence in. He told me that I was a natural salesman and asked me how mush verkooptraining I had. He has been my neighbor for years, and he is from the Netherlands. He mixes in a few Dutch words with his English now and then. He explained that the word means “sales training.”

    Well, I had no official sales training, but I knew the product inside and out including its history and the history of the company. I had done a lot of research about the product because I was interested in it, and I wanted to make sure that my limited budget was going for the best possible option. My neighbor told me that all sales people should be like me. He said that truly believing in the product you are selling makes it easy to sell it. I asked him about the shady sales people we all know. He told me that they do not get repeat business, and they bounce around from company to company. He said the real professionals go into a market selling products and services they can personally stand behind.

    He sold earth moving equipment internationally for a firm that is based here. The parts for the machines are made all over the world, and the machines are shipped and used all over the world. He said that he sells products he knows are good, and that I was a natural at selling. He took many courses in verkooptraining, as he calls it, to learn a lot of concepts that I was doing without even realizing it. It was then that I got interested in possibly earning a living as a salesman selling a product I believe in.

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